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In our institute we specialize in SCOLIOSIS therapy (a side-to-side curvature of spine), we have the latest FED apparatus for scoliosis therapy which was created by a Spanish professor Santos Sastre Fernandez. Our therapists are trained and certified by the author of the method himself and they will also match exercises individually to meet the needs of each patient according to FED, FITS, PNF, SCHROTH, SEAS methods.

In our departments you have an opportunity to consult a rehabilitation medicine specialist (a physiatrist), an orthopedist or a physical therapist. Dr Felipe Salinas from the Institute of Orthopedic Technique in Barcelona will hold consultations about braces. We also have an apparatus for a computer-based body posture examination (DIERS 3D/4D FORMETRIC), which enables to conduct objective diagnostic tests of the patient in an easy, precise and first of all non-invasive way.