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FED method

The FED method has been designed for the treatment of spine deviations through tridimensional fixation of the rachis in elongation with corrective adjustable and derotating pressure, either intermittent or continuous, and with postural control of the patient during the relaxation intervals.

In Scoliosis…

The dynamic forces generated by the scoliotic patient’s normal activities press upon hemivertebra, hemisdiscs and cartilages, subjecting them to greater and unequal compression and thus impairing their development.

If the compressive forces…

Which are dynamic and asymmetrical are able to cause and aggravate a bone deformity during the period of the bone’s formation, a greater asymmetrical force exerted in the opposite sense will counteract the primary deformative effects.

Only the FED System…

Allows tridimensional fixation of the spine in elongation and the application of an adjustable and de-rotatory correcting pressure

The FED System achieves…

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