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Cheneau Brace (Instituto Técnico Ortopédico, Barcelona)

Corsets are used in case of lumbar or thoracic curvatures of the spine (scoliosis). Orthopedic bracing should be started if the Cobb angle of the curve is bigger than 25 degrees or when at lower values there is a curvature progression. It is necessary to control systematically progress in rehabilitation therapy while wearing a brace. Exercises aiming at muscle strengthening should be an indispensable complementing element.

Our company cooperates with the Institute of Orthopedic Technique in Barcelona, which was founded in 1968 by Oriol Cohi, the family tradition follower of internationally acclaimed orthopedists since 1930.

ITO is run by Oriol Cohi as well as Dr Felipe Salinas, who are in charge of the team of sixty professionals made up of rehabilitation medicine specialists, orthopedic braces specialists, physical therapists, technicians and IT specialists. ITO is based on the latest technology and the most advanced achievements in orthopedics. It is one of the most experienced and best-known centres of this kind in Europe. Braces made in Spain are supported by the latest CAD-CAM design systems. A patient who is scanned by the means of the 3D scanner can feel reassured of the highest quality and accuracy of the made brace.

We organize medical trips to Spain where our patients are provided with the best quality Cheneau braces during a five-day stay. At your disposal there will be a representative of our company who will help you with the translation or with all questions connected with the brace and the whole stay in Barcelona. We offer an individual and discreet customer service and our effective and competent specialists will advise you to dispel anxiety and any doubts.